Teaching children money is very important

Man’s path to success begins in the era of accountability and continues daily until the end of life. Once a child is wise enough to demand any money given to him as “my money”; this child is ready for financial literacy lessons. Currently, there is an economic quagmire in many countries. This could have been […]

Why investment is important

Over the years, investment has become increasingly important as the future of social security payments becomes unknown. People want to insure their future, and they know that when they depend on social security benefits and, in some cases, on retirement plans, they will have a rough awakening when they can no longer make a steady […]

Don’t fall for dishonest deals

Everyone needs money. Most people are concerned with creating wealth, but it seems like everyone wants YOUR money. Many have responded to advertising to make money online or in various other ways. By submitting information, you get on someone’s list and are likely to be overwhelmed by email daily using a program. There must be […]

You need more income

The presidential election is over and I can tell you now. President-elect Donald Trump is not going to save you. You will need more income. Senator Hillary Clinton also couldn’t save your finances. True, the middle class is dead. The dream of finding a good job, buying a house, a car and saving to go […]

Why gold – insurance during the crisis

Gold has been a part of human history since the beginning. For centuries from the pharaohs to the kings gold was associated with prestige, power, wealth and freedom. If you know little about this yellow precious metal, reading this information will be a great place for you. So why do I say that gold is […]

You a "The investor feels good"?

This is not bad. Feel -Good investors buy stocks because they feel good either in the stocks or in the companies that issued them. Investors who feel good are driven by emotion, not some financial acumen. This is not a bad way to choose stocks. It may not be optimal, and may not be the […]

4 single errors 401 thousand that can lead you to trouble

“Mistakes are portals of discoveries.” ~ James Joyce Mistakes are undoubtedly true precursors to great discoveries, and mistakes indicate that you are trying to improve your life. However, some mistakes are more expensive than others. For example, releasing a product that has not received the required traction increases your training, but a financial mistake that […]

Private notes for you?

The financial community has gone through quite difficult times over the past few years, and many traditional lenders find excuses to NOT be able to lend. Often they try to make a deal on paper A at rates B or C, and if the principles agree, they make a deal. The terms offered by the […]