6 Questions to Test Your Wealth-Building Strategies: Review by Automatic Millionaire David Bach

If you want to test your own financial habits against the backdrop of recommended wealth creation strategies, the answers can help you start building wealth in your life. How is it possible that an ordinary couple with a regular income created extraordinary wealth by becoming multimillionaires and retiring at fifty? cryptocurrency live prices This is […]

Timing markets

Time or timing in the markets How important is it for investors to tariff markets? I know a retiree who cashed a pension for buying a car at a time when the markets were hot. That was in February 2020, when covid-19 began to spread around the world. The following month, markets began to slip. […]

Ponce Shmonzi, "Caveat Emptor"

I feel sick from the victims of Bernard Madoff, those who lost everything. They want to know how to compensate for some of the losses. They believe that taxpayers should help them out, for sure. Why not, it’s good enough for B. with A. They want to know how Bernie got away with his “Ponzi” […]

Neighborhood Investment Research

Your neighbor enjoys watching financial news, and sometimes he buys or sells a number of shares of a public company’s common stock. How does he do it? He knows why he does this before planning how to do it. It seeks to invest in a growing company before too many other investors sort it out […]

Keep track of your total cost

Owners of business and professional practice know that they cannot effectively manage their company without understanding its financial position. Similarly, when it comes to drawing up a comprehensive wealth plan, they also need a basis for assessing their overall financial status. “Balance of life”[1] provides a complete picture of the owner’s assets, liabilities and own […]