Is financial freedom just a dream or a step?

Almost all of us go to work every day and perform the same procedure over and over again. We work so hard until we get back to business for years. With the salary we get every day, we try to pay all the bills. We always expect to get a higher salary, promotion or our business works better so we can make more money. But we don’t realize that by getting more income, we also spend more money on our own needs. After working two, five or even ten years, we just realize we’ve gotten into a rat race of our financial problems.

So being financially free for us is just a dream, we don’t think it’s possible. We have already thought that after 40 years of work we will retire, and after that we will start to enjoy life. I don’t want to do that.

What if you can get financial freedom in less than 40 years? What if I can show you how to get to financial freedom in 5 years? Wouldn’t you be interested?

There are couples to achieve financial freedom.

First, you need to make up your mind properly. Your mind is what you are. You heard the old adage “You’re who you think you are.” This is true if you think you will always be poor, then you will always be poor. If you think you have lost, you will always be a loser. If you think you are low, you will always be low. Do you understand what I mean? If you don’t want to change your mind positively, you won’t be able to get your dream, which is financially free. You need to believe in yourself and think that it is possible for you to achieve financial freedom. With such thinking you will gain different strengths in yourself and relationships that will guide you until you reach your goal.

Second, if you have a smart mood, you will have to change the bad habit. If you don’t have money, don’t spend it! In our society today, a new habit that did not exist centuries ago. We can spend your money before you make money! Correct; I’m talking about a credit card. If possible, reduce all unused credit cards. We will be able to easily catch this financial mouse trap when all credit cards are lying on our desks. We need to be disciplined by keeping only one or two credit cards, which we often use only for emergencies.

If you use your credit card, enter it in your current budget, not in the future. A lot of people fall into the trap because they use their credit card depending on their “future” budget.

For example, Bob just got a raise this week, and his salary will be boosted next month. He was so happy about it and then he spends his future salary with a credit card. This is a mistake we often make. In short, don’t spend it until you have it in your pocket.

Third, don’t put money in the bank for too long. We often forget that if we put money in the bank, the value of money will decrease so quickly. The interest rate given by the bank is much lower than the annual inflation rate. We should always treat our money wisely. The bank doesn’t care about our money; in fact they made the most profit from our money.

We need to find the perfect investment. I suggest you contact your financial advisor and ask his best opinion. They will look for your needs and can give you an investment that fits your needs.

Fourth, if we really want to be financially free, we need to make a passive income. There are several ways to generate passive income. First we can create our own company that can work without us. So in a word, you can create a system that can work for you. It doesn’t have to be big; you can start it with a small company such as a grocery store. The most important of these is that you need to set up a system that works without you.

Another way to make a passive income is through franchising. Franchising in our time has increased tremendously over the last few years. This industry gives the owner the ability to adapt a system that has already been created and tested. If you don’t want to create your own system, you can buy a franchise and run it.

Last but not least you can always join network marketing. Network marketing is very smart for people who don’t have a lot of capital. Starting your own business or franchising can cost you a fortune, but network marketing usually costs very little. You can always find a good network marketing company and support the company for 5 years. There you can learn how to build your network and achieve financial freedom.

These are steps for couples that you can follow to achieve financial freedom. Every journey starts with a small step. This way, you can start your own path to your financial freedom by starting it with a small step. Don’t waste time because time is so precious that we can’t turn back time. Hopefully this whole article will help you understand that everyone needs financial freedom before catching a routine for years to come.